Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey Occupiers, Complain About This

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a farce.  If they truly were upset about what was going on the country they would be outraged over the money our government is wasting on "green" jobs.  Solyndra is just the one that is being publicly talked about.  The list goes much deeper, take for instance SpectraWatt, Inc out of New York received $650K since June of 09 and as of August 19th is out of business. 

Evergreen Solar received $5.3 million from the fine tax payers of Massachusetts and went bankrupt on August 15th of this year. 

Even after already declaring bankruptcy in 09, Olsen's Mill Acquisition Co was given $10 million of our tax dollars less than year later, another company bought their assets last month. 

Now not all of these companies that you and I are paying for are going out of business, but the costs to create jobs is astronomical.  Case in point is SolarReserve Project in Harry Reid's home state of Nevada.  It is promising 600 temporary construction jobs and 45 permanent positions at a whopping $1.23 million each and $16.4 million each respectively.   But that is a bargain compared to Mesquite Solar Project in Arizona that is costing you and me $48.1 million for each of the seven permanent positions it will create. 

In Seattle, we paid to weatherize homes.  For the $20 million 14 new jobs were created and three homes have been retrofitted.  So that was another bargain at only $1.42 million per job. 

While it is perfectly understandable that the 14 people who got these jobs are very happy with the investment, the rest of us shouldn't be. 

Some of the signs you are seeing at the Occupy Wall Street protests are asking where is my bailout?  Well, I would say here is a big part of it.  The reason that many are sick and tired of the government raising taxes on anyone is because the money is being wasted.  Even if you believe in that green energy is the future, can we really afford to be spending more than a million dollars to create one job in this economic environment?  I would think even the movement on Wall Street would have to agree that this is not the wisest course of action. 

One would hope anyway. 

Deroy Murdock asks when will liberals fight as hard for the poor people in this country as they do for solar panels. 
Every dollar that chases a money-losing windmill is a dollar that cannot fund Head Start.  Every million that spawns only one job is a million that cannot fiance 270 average Pell Grants for needy college students.  And every billion that vanishes into green bankruptcy is a billion that cannot help impoverished Americans heat their homes with government assistance.
  Yes, indeed, it would be nice to see the liberals fight as hard for the poor.  Maybe we would actually be able to lift some of these families out of poverty if we just stop wasting our resources. 

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