Monday, October 17, 2011

Freed Iran Hikers Speak at Occupy Oakland

What a difference a day makes, I guess. Having recently been freed from an Iranian prison on trumped up charges they are now free to join in solidarity with their would be captors in celebrating the Occupy Movement.

This is a wonderful development, coming from countries that truly know how to provide for their citizens. Our worldwide support is growing. No longer can our corporate media hide the truth that the rest of the world knows- the American capitalist system is an abomination and we could learn a thing or two from the countries that understand social justice.

Iranians certainly understand the implications of the Arab Spring, and see good things from our movement. We're on the right road. Down with capitalism!

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  1. OK, I get voice.

    Most of the time most of us just look, there is the comment now and then. But what does it matter really. What we are thinking of is elevated to the most important thing. A deception of the mind.

    However, what is happening now is the moment where you are glad the popcorn is fresh and the beer is aplenty. It's the coming collapse of social capitalism.

    You really can't decide who needs funds more when it is a corruptible establishment divvying out the funds. Republicans and Democrats alike dip the net to harvest the bevy.

    It's about to sputter and plunk. When it does, the blinders crowd is working the sidelines with the 99 percent cheer.

    Good luck with that.

    What comes next isn't going to be all that chummy and smiley. Credit cards have just reported a new high in delinquent payments. It's a wink to the movement of the Oboma.

    Europe is fork in it done. Mark the words of anyone who doesn't note this as posers. The end game is right around the corner.

    It's a passing comment on a blog that will drift off into nothing. Such is the fate of humanity. It deserves popcorn and beer. Was it a good run?

    Sure, a good run. I got a house out of it.