Sunday, October 16, 2011

Edward T. Hall III (The Meltdown Kid at OWS): "The Universe Conspired for this to Happen"

You may remember this fellow who had an epic meltdown at an Occupy Wall Street rally:

This guy's name is Edward T. Hall III. He is what is commonly known as a "trust fund-baby." In other words, his wealthy relatives set up a fund for him and all he has to do is sit pretty without ever having to work.

He is also attending Columbia University, an Ivy League college. In fact, I was able to track down his college profile on, accompanied by this picture:
Under the "about" section, he writes of his interests:
I study intertemporal choice with respect to environmental decisions. I wish to develop socially based interventions to help moderate excessive discounting. I am also especially interested in the organizing of research information for public use, and open access use of ideas for problem solving.
In other words, everything this kid has ever gotten has been handed to him on a silver platter. He is part of the "1%" that he is supposedly protesting.

You may also know that Hall was arrested for trying to "crawl through the baggage carousel" at JFK airport.  For whatever reason, an author thought this illegal action was just grand, so he sat down with the trust-funder and conducted an interview.  It went about how you'd expect.

Here is the very beginning of the interview (emphasis mine):
Zachary Urbina: First, what were you thinking?

Ted Hall: Ha ha! I wanted to spend a little more time with Maya. The universe conspired for this to happen.
Uh... yeah.  And these are the people the Main Stream Media supports giving extra, illegal power to?
No thanks.

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