Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cain Vs. Obama- The Facts

A new video from Pundit Press.  This time we try to convince you to vote for Herman Cain, with a touch of humor:

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  1. Funny and informative. Cain train 2012!

  2. If this is how we are going to vet the candidates, America is in deep trouble.
    Jay Raskin of Notes to Aphrodite is compiling an excellent investigation of Cain.
    In 1988, Cain sold his soul to Citibank to the tune of $30million so he could buy Godfather's Pizza. Right after that, Cain, with no economics or banking background, became a director at the Fed. Now the Fed implements monetary policy and you have a guy in serious debt creating monetary policy. For whom?
    There's also Cain having a little hissy fit regarding the other candidates questioning his 999/909 plan, saying "They're getting on my last nerve." If Cain is unable to explain his oh-so-simple plan then he can't blame anyone but himself. I don't want another president like that.
    These facts and queries should cause everyone to pause. If they don't, and the lack of vetting for Cain continues and he gets elected, I truly pity this country. Trading a community organizer for a questionable personage like Cain, is not the great deal we're bargaining for and America will fade into obscurity.

  3. @Anon above:

    Are you retarded? This video clearly states that it's partially "humor." Holy sh*t you are stupid.

  4. @Anon, sorry but Ron Paul just isn't a viable candidate!

  5. Wow, personal attacks and ad homs... I did not know that this blog attracted such people. Fine, don't vet the candidates. Time will tell.

  6. Ad hominems because you didn't understand a simple video. No one said candidates shouldn't be vetted. You sir are a moron

  7. Phil H, I can read, can you? Above the video is the statement: "This time we try to convince you to vote for Herman Cain, with a touch of humor"

    So now I should vote for Cain because he's funny? Or because Obama is such a fool in comparison? If this is the vetting process, America is sunk. I want facts, figures and serious investigation. If I want humor I'll watch a debate.

    Perhaps this blog never liked Sarah Palin, I don't know, but she was the one who said Cain was the 'flavor of the week' and that raised a lot of concerns for me. I took it as a gentle warning to look closer at that man. What I saw when I started digging was that many, if not most, conservative blogs were praising him with no proof to their claims. I saw the same thing in 2008 and you see where that got us.
    So call me a Palinista or Paulista or whatever kind of '-ista' you want, but it will not change the fact that this blog is fawning all over a candidate it is either refusing to scrutinize, or happy to ignore what may prove very problematic should he be elected.

  8. @Anon, fine if you want to lay this at the feet of Sarah Palin, fine. Take your best shot, but lets be honest shall we? You are not here as an advocate for Palin or Romney, or Perry, or Santorum. You are here because Paul is your guy. He is not mine, by a stretch. He has his moments, that is sure, but he is a foreign policy loon that makes Herman Cain seem knowledgable and prescient. Try again....

  9. Anon, this video is intentionally funny. How the heck do you read "fawning all over" Cain into it? It's not supposed to be taken very seriously. If you happened to come across it on YouTube, you'd laugh a little bit and move on.

    Move on. You didn't understand the video/you're a little nutty. Just admit it and you'll feel better