Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Exodus?

Five thousand years ago the Hebrew people left Egypt for their promised land in Canaan, or now modern day Israel. They endured almost four hundred years of bondage until they were delivered by Moses. Now we might be witnessing the beginning of a second exodus.

With the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, Coptic Christians, who received decent treatment under his regime, have been concerned about the growing Islamist influence of Egypt's political society. It's disconcerting to know thousands of Copts have already fled, but the outright murder of two dozen of them Sunday is absolutely infuriating.

The military is not protecting them; the state television blamed them for the out-of-control protests Sunday; the United States is more focused on elections than religious liberty, and the situation seems to be declining by the minute.

I fear the Copts, one of the last Christian communities in the Arab world, might have to flee to Ethiopia, or Europe, or even the United States within the near future, because Egypt continues to backslide towards an dark Islamist future where religion becomes the oppressor rather than the deliverer.

Pray for thr Copts.

What say you?

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