Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Majority Credit Bush for bin Laden Death

Oh, how things have changed.

When President Bush left office he was derided as a failure and an embarrassment. He was the butt of so many poor jokes and stupid faces. One of his biggest failures, the meme went, was not killing or capturing Osama bin Laden.

Now it appears that at least some of the perception has shifted in the aftermath of Osama getting a bullet in the brain. This comes from 538's Nate Silver:
WaPo poll shows 51% of Americans think GW Bush should get some credit for killing Bin Laden. His image may improve too.
There are already people deriding the concept of appreciating President Bush when the constant narrative was either that he was behind September 11th or intentionally or through incompetence let him through Tora Bora. If liberals really believe that Bush just 'squandered goodwill' and 'polarized' Americans, they should accept this result. If not, their intentional polarization (as seen on MSNBC yesterday) will be apparent.
President Bush
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