Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dude: Man Sued for $12 Million for 'Impotency'

You know, everyone has embarrassing moments in their life, but to be sued in a public setting for alleged impotency? This is beyond hilarious, as long as it's not you.

It's a true story, coming out of the United Arab Emirates:
Their marriage in 2008 lasted for about 15 months. The woman said they did not sleep together for the first four months, Gulf News said.

"When he did for the first time, he treated me inhumanly and inappropriately," she told the court. "I discovered later on that he suffered erectile dysfunction. He was exactly the opposite of what he claimed to me before we signed the marriage contract..."

"I suffered mentally, emotionally and lost any hope to become a mother," she added. "Considering the conservative Arab values and the woman's situation in such a society, I remained silent and tried to adapt (by) praying to God that things would improve. He treated me roughly and refused to support me financially or provide me with a decent shelter."

She also claimed her husband forced her to quit her job, so she lost her income and had to borrow money.

After they split up, the woman, who was not named by Gulf News, said the man kept her passport.

"Following the divorce, he stripped me of all my jewelry which he gave to me as part of the dowry. I ended up being emotionally and psychologically and financially broke … I visited psychological clinics for treatment," the claimant said, according to the Gulf News report.
What a terrible romance novel.

And the cherry on top (figuratively, of course):
The woman said her husband, a wealthy businessman and a "former public figure," was a "sweet-talker" before they got married. She said she later discovered he had been a "womanizer" and had been married 12 times.
I wonder why he was divorced so many times?

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