Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election: Did Scott Walker Lose?

Democrats nationwide are declaring JoAnne Kloppenburg's unofficial victory in Wisconsin's Supreme Court election to be a clear rebuttal of Governor Walker's anti-union policies. However, their claims don't pass the smell test.

Because all the opinion polls and pundits have declared Governor Walker's anti-union proposals to be strongly unpopular, yet the first statewide election since the budget was passed has resulted in one of the closest contests in state history; with no declared victor as of this morning.

Obviously, the state isn't as pro-union, or anti-Walker as his opponents would have you believe, because I don't think the unions have ever put more money into defeating a state Supreme Court Justice as they have against Mr. Prosser, who holds the ideological balance of power on the court.

Scott Walker has not lost in Wisconsin. The election results are still unknown, but it doesn't matter because the conservative Justice was not destroyed by an uprise of pro-union folks and money. In fact, it is more likely that the Prosser campaign suffered most from that advertisement that accused him of covering up a sex scandal with Catholic bishops, even though it was factually false.

What say you?

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