Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote in Our Poll: Is the Birth Certificate Released by the President Authentic?

For over two years now, the question of where President Barack Obama was born has been an issue.  Started during the Democratic primaries, the question was once again renewed by Donald Trump recently.  Today, President Obama and the White House released a long-form birth certificate.

For many, this will put the issue to bed once and for all.  And with the certificate released, they will want to move on to new issues.  However, there are some that see inaccuracies and inconsistencies with the certificate released today.

So, the question is, do you believe the certificate released today is authentic?  Here is a picture of it if you need help deciding:
And here is the poll:

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  1. How stupid are you people. You need a video of Obama coming out of his mother in front of a sign that says welcome to HAWAII.

  2. Notice the letter R in Barack it appears to have been whited out and retyped. Whiteout was not available in 1961

  3. Mother's typed name is Stanley Ann Dunham;
    signature is Stanley Ann Dunham Obama - why?
    Signature of Local Register is different from
    Register Nordyke twins birth certificate
    of same date. This is a "certified true copy"
    signed April 25, 2011 - where is microfiche version (white letters on black background)
    like every else gets?

  4. There are two versions of this long form floating around, the other one shows BORN IN KENYA!

  5. This proves that Obama's father was a British citizen, not American. According to the Constitution, only a natural born citizen is eligible to be President. Since neither mother or father were qualified to produce a natural born citizen (at least at supposed time of birth), Obama is not eligible to be President. He must resign.

  6. does anyone really know if the race caucasian and african were used in 1961? I thought it was white, non-white, or mixed!!!!

  7. How can anyone determine the veracity of any evidence (pro or con) regarding this issue?

    1. Years of obfuscation and secrecy;
    2. The time, money and efforts Obama has spent keeping this hidden;
    3. This COLB seems to prove he is a dual-citizen -- not necessarily "natural-born" (holding no birth-allegiance to any other nation-state).

    The only way to have this issue resolved is by some independant and/or IG investigation, along with a SCOTUS ruling on his "natural-born" status. That's when the issue will officially be laid to rest. Until then, we are merely guessing.

  8. Now it is on to authenticating and forensic analysis. Then to the real question of whether he is a Natural Born Citizen. This Certificate says he is not. This guy is a complete fraud. Father not or ever was a citizen. So Barry Soetoro is toast. Thank you Donald Trump! You, in singled handed fashion (If the certificate is indeed genuine,???NO RAISED SEAL!!!) stopped the diversion, which would have gone on until just before the 2012 election. Now we have plenty of time to examine the real issue of Natural Born Citizen and whether the Cert is Real.

  9. Yes....let's please keep focusing on the goddamned stupid-ass fucking birth certificate since that's the ONLY thing that can effectively be used against him.

    I mean look around you, we're in the middle of a robust economic recovery complete with 9% unemployment, skyrocketing food, fuel & commodity prices, a cratering housing market and the dollar taking the worst beating in generations.......not to mention the highly popular kinetic military action in Libya