Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video- Biden Falls Asleep During Obama Speech

Well, it looks like conservatives weren't the only ones who were bored by the President's budget speech.  Vice President Joe Biden, referenced by President Obama several times while he was talking, was filmed asleep.

Talk about tired:

Here is the text of Obama's speech while Biden was dozing off, with Biden's actions in brackets:

Obama- [Biden's head is drooping forward, eyes closed] It says that ten years from now, if you're a sixty-five year old who's eligible for MediCare, [Biden pulls head back, eyes closed] you should have to pay nearly $6,400 more than you would today.  [Biden's head starts to slump toward chest] It says, instead of guaranteed health care, you will get a voucher.  And if that voucher isn't worth enough to buy the insurance that's available in the open market place, well, tough luck. [Biden opens eyes, squints].  You're on your own.  Basically, it ends MediCare as we know it.  [Biden looks down, clearly tired].

Personally, I can't really find fault with Biden.  If you look closely at the woman in the background, she is barely staying awake as well.  Lord knows a lot of people could barely listen to the guy, let alone stay awake.

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  1. Given all his responsibilities in this administration, the speech was obviously cutting into his afternoon nap.

  2. Note the the young woman above Biden is also nodding off. In the video, you can see her head jerk as she wakes.

    I'm not sure if the older woman is asleep or if she's merely ashamed of her presence there.

  3. Hey, cut Joe some slack. Obama's speech was cutting into his regular nap time.

    I know I'd be tired and cranky if someone cut into my nap time.