Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Syria Protesters Call for 'Jihad' After Civilians Massacred

World Threats reported last night that the Assad regime appeared to be gearing up to attack protesters in the city of Homs. This took place after hundreds if not thousands of demonstrators took over a central square n the city.

From an earlier protest in the city
 Now it appears that there was such an attack-- and it was deadly. The BBC is carrying testimony from an eyewitness:
At around 11 in the morning, the police on Damascus Road announced that they were there to protect the officers' club.

My brother left the square 15 minutes before the shooting.  His mobile phone's battery had gone down and he went home to recharge.

All of a sudden there was shooting. Completely unprovoked.

We don't know how many people died.

Furthermore, there's word that the shooting has changed the mood of the protests. As a matter of fact, the lack of support from Western sources appear to be changing the dynamic among the protesters.

The attack was like a declaration of war. People are furious. There's murder in their eyes. They want revenge.

My home village is not religious - there's alcohol smuggling and consumption. Yet last night, for the first time in my life, I heard people calling for jihad.
Yikes. It is interesting to note that both Iran and Hezbollah are working against these protesters. It would likely be safe to say the same about Hamas. So who would come to the aid of a jihad in Syria?

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