Sunday, April 10, 2011

State GOP Push Incentives For Natural Gas Growth

New York, Are you listening? At least Pennsylvania is demonstrating leadership in tough economic times and are reaping the rewards....
To encourage that the clean energy be used within the commonwealth rather than be shipped to other states, a group of state lawmakers is proposing legislation to create business incentives.
The package of seven House bills, known as Marcellus Works, would use tax credits and grants to expand the number of natural gas-powered vehicles on the state's roads.

The legislation includes a proposal by state Rep. Kathy Watson, a Warrington Republican, to create a revolving loan program available to large mass transit agencies to cover the incremental cost of natural gas buses.

Other bills - House Bills 1083-1089 -- are designed to create tax credits for private fleet vehicles; establish a grant program to assist smaller mass transit systems, school districts and local municipalities; ensure that some new buses purchased by large mass transit systems use natural gas; and offer tax credits to encourage construction of natural gas fueling stations along the state's major highways.
Wake up New York!

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