Saturday, April 23, 2011

Re: Cain/West 2012?

I usually don't pick a fight with what my fellow bloggers at Pundit Press publish, but I must respond to the opinion article supporting a Herman Cain/Allen West presidential ticket in next year's much anticipated race.


Herman Cain has not one ounce of experience in foreign affairs. America is fighting in two wars now and is stationed in another hot spot - this is not the right time to trust a radio talk show host to be Commander-in-Chief during great international conflict, and turbulence. Advocacy for such a candidate leaves me absolutely dumbfounded.

As for Col. Allen West. He is one of my favorite Congressman in the House of Representatives today, but he has only three months of legislative experience, and he has spent more time running for office than actually serving in office at this point in his political career. His time will come, but not now.

We need serious candidates to run against President Obama next year, not men with little experience, or desire for the Presidency.

What say you?


  1. Most experienced leaders are corrupted by a system that demands constituents cash to be elected.

    McCain would have been better than Obama, maybe. It might work out that having a total failure in office brings about long term change that will stabilize our economy where McCain could have just kept the drain flowing. I don't know.

    Great site BTW.

    But I'm short selling America. I'm not proud of it anymore. It takes my money and spends it on those that can't work because of it's policies.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree: I amy agree with some of Cain's views, but he is unelectable at this point in time. Trump is in a better position, but still is missing foreign policy experience. Actually, none of the Republican contenders are very good in that arena.

    If Cain had been in Congress for longer, he may be able to bring some to the table.

  3. I think you are looking over a few things in Cain's background. He has been far more than a talk radio host. Also, Allen West has seen foreign affairs up close and personal. The combination has the potential of being quite formidable. The pair of them make Trump look like a wuss.

  4. 1. Barack Obama had no foreign affairs experience before becoming President.

    2. Barack Obama had no military experience as a soldier/sailor/marine/airman nor had he ever commanded such forces as a state Governor would have.

    3. Barack Obama had no experience running a business, private or public, before becoming President.

    You bash the idea of a Cain/West ticket, and while I agree that it might not be the right time for West, Mr. K's arguments against them are the exact same arguments that we had for Obama. That's blind hypocrisy at it's finest.