Friday, April 15, 2011

Progressive Budget Fails Resoundingly

This afternoon the House of Representatives voted on "The People's Budget" that the Congressional Progressive Caucus announced last week. The proposal called for increasing taxes on small businesses; slashing U.S. military spending and introducing the socialistic public option into America's health care system.

All fiscally minded Americans should be very pleased with the results:

77 ayes (18%).
347 noes (81%).

Only seventy-seven Representatives (only Democrats) were willing to sign their names to this monstrosity. In fact, Nancy Pelosi wouldn't even touch it, and she was the House's most Progressive Speaker in America's two century old history.

The Republican budget was passed on Republican votes today, but it is thrilling to see the Progressive movement fail so resoundingly. America has definitely moved towards Conservatism since President Obama's election and we can only hope for more of the same.

Change we can all agree with!

P.S. - My Congressman, Paul Tonko, voted aye. I feel absolutely sick.

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  1. This actually seems like the most reasonable and fiscally sound budget option out there. I'm not sure why you don't support it. You sound like an ideologue, not a thinker.