Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, Thank Goodness: Obama to Appear on a Final Oprah Episode

Our national nightmare is over, the winter of our discontent finished.  The oppression of a weakening economy and a dithering, incompetent leader are at an end.  You must know what I'm talking about:  President Obama is appearing on one of the last episodes of Oprah.

That's right, the leader of the free world is appearing on a talk show.  I didn't realize that we were in late 2012 campaign-mode yet.  Well, it's a good thing he doesn't have anything to worry about in the world.  You know, other than:

Libya, the economy, unemployment, our deficit, uprisings in the Middle East, terrorist attacks on Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, MediCade, MediCare... everything.

But, you know, I just don't know where he finds the time to be on a talk show.  It's not like he ever takes impromptu vacations, golfing trips, entire TV shows about his NCAA bracket picks, or anything like that.

As Entertainment Weekly reports:  "[The President will] tape his episode with the Queen of Daytime at Harpo Studios on April 27;  it’ll air May 2. The First Lady is also expected to make an appearance."  So he's filming this month when he should be busy, you know, being President.
"Being an incompetent politician is hard"
EW's article began:
This should make for a good episode of Behind the Scenes on OWN: Harpo Prods. has confirmed that President Obama will appear in one of the final episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show...
Winfrey’s final talk show will air on May 25.
 I wonder if the President will be watching himself...

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