Saturday, April 09, 2011

Obama in 2004: 'I've Never Used a Teleprompter Before and I don't Like To'

It's amazing how times have changed.  In mid-2004, President George W. Bush was still in his first term while Barack Obama was only a newly-elected State Senator.  One other thing: Mr. Obama had "never" used a teleprompter before.

Of course, today the President has not delivered a single speech during his Administration without one.  Yet with the 2004 Democratic National Convention on the horizon, Mr. Obama decided that he would work from one.

Talking to CBS in 2004, Obama said that he "prefers to speak off the cuff instead of working from a written text. Tuesday night (the DNC) will be his first experience with a TelePrompter."  The irony in that statement is palpable today.

The CBS article went on to heap praise on the then-42-year-old keynote speaker.  Amongst the praise, they wrote that he was on "en route to stardom," similar to the media portrayal of him in 2008 in which Mr. Obama was portrayed as a rock star instead of a competent politician.
Mr. Obama also talked for a short amount on policies, stating that big government was important to the way the US functions.  He stated:
"We're interested in making sure everybody has an opportunity and kids have a shot at life.  To do that, there are going to be times when it's necessary for government to step in."
The CBS article continues:
Obama said he'll use his 20 minutes on the convention podium to counter Republican accusations that the Democratic Party stands for big government and big spending. Instead, he will argue that the party stands for helping people and using government to do it.
Yes, yes, under Barack Obama the government is not for "big spending."  Another dollop of irony.

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