Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Candidate Takes Over 20% in NH, Within 6% of Romney

For all of the talk about next year's Republican primaries, much of it has been old hash. Many of the candidates either have low name recognition or ran in 2008. And of the 2008 crowd, there are not many with a large following in the Granite State.

Mitt Romney appears to run best in the state, but much of that may simply be because he was the Governor of Massachusetts, right next door. His New England Republican approach fits.... in New England, and has given him a boost.

Now it appears that he has a challenger right on his tail in the state. One that hasn't been anywhere close in other polling. It's not Huckabee or Palin, Gingrich or Pawlenty.

It's Donald Trump.

The real estate developer has some fairly shocking numbers according to the Public Policy Polling firm. PPP is usually aligned with the Democrats, so it's fair to take the numbers with a grain of salt. Still, they're pretty amazing and highlight just how fluid the race is one year in advance.

Romney: 27%
Trump: 21%
Huckabee: 12%
Ron Paul: 9%
Sarah Palin: 7%

These numbers are a bit skewed. They also don't take into consideration other factors. PPP did other polling that did take some other considerations but for this battle it appears muddled.
Gingrich: 12%

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