Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Month in Review

Pundit Press has registered another strong month this April, thanks to you readers. We're glad to bring you our seventh month in review since our inception last September. Over the course of this month, we've registered 134,964 pageviews, our third straight month over 100k. Since our last Month in Review we've gained some regular meetings. We've increased to 104 Followers from 76, a 37% increase, 194 Subscribers from 124, up 56%, Twitter followers: 103 from 47, gaining 219%. If you like the site, make sure to subscribe!

In the last month we've had a total of 326 articles, up from 300 last month.

Articles per Writer
  • Leading the way was Thomas, with 96 articles, or 29.4% of the total. He had 94 last month, but 31% of the total.
  • Next was Aurelius, with 94 total, or 28.8%. Last month he had 91 pieces, or 30%.
  • Third for the third month in a row was Unlikely Hospitalist, with 57 articles or 17.5% of the total. Last month he had 48 articles and 16% of the total.
  • Mr. K was number four, with 52 total articles or 16.0% of the total. This is up from his 42 last month, or 12%.
  • In fifth place is Eric Dondero, with 8 pieces, or 2.5% of the sum. Eric had 4 articles last time, or 1.3%.
  • Next is a tie. We have Fenway Nation, with 5 articles, or 1.5%. Dr. Robert Owens also has 5 articles. Fenway had 2 articles last time, and Dr. Owens 4.
  • Dr. Lawrence W. White, MD had 4 total articles, or 1.2. He had 8 articles last time.
  • Kaptain Krude had 3 articles, this month, or .9% of the total. This is up from 1 article last time.
  • Joe C. had zero, down from 4. We're all very disappointed in him.
We also had two guest pieces. One was Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis by Thomas Morrison. The other was Illegal Alien Stupidity by

Now-- the top articles of the month:
  1. Top was Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots by Thomas with 49,847 hits, or 36.9% of the total of all hits of the last month. This article was also linked by Instapundit, on the front page of Free Republic, and Weasel Zippers.
  2. Second was Unlikely Hospitalist's Update: Wisconsin Doctors Writing Bogus Sick Notes. This received 8,383 total pageviews, or 6.2% of the share. This article was linked by Instapundit.
  3. Next was Thomas' Evidence of Wisconsin Vote Fraud Appears. This received 7,893 hits, or 5.8% of the total.
  4. Close behind was Aurelius' Video- Obama Administration Bans Reporter for Using Camera to Record Anti-Obama Protesters with 7,804. This is also 5.8% of the total. This was also linked by Instapundit.
  5. Next was pictures about the April 7th Japanese Earthquake by Aurelius. This received 3,560 hits, or 2.6% of the sum.
  6. Number six was about students asked to be Vote Counters at WI Election by Thomas. This received 2.4% of the total, with 3,305 hits.
  7. Unfortunately, next was coverage of the Lara Logan Sexual Assault. This received 2,586 pageviews.
  8. Next was Aurelius' article about pictures of the March Japanese Earthquake. This got 2,159 hits, or 1.6% of the whole.
  9. Further was another Wisconsin-related article by Thomas, that 10,000 More Votes Were Counted in Dane County (etc.) with 1.5% of the total, 2,076 hits.
  10. Last to round out our top ten was Aurelius' hit from last month, with a video of an Obama Advisor Calling for Invasion of Israel. This had 1,972 hits, or 1.5%.
Blogger of the Month

Last month we gave the honor to Aurelius for his coverage of the disaster in Japan. This month we've decided that Thomas deserves the title. This comes with his coverage of the Wisconsin state supreme court race.

To Those that Linked to Us

We want to thank the following sites for their consideration:

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Tomb of the Unknown Blogger (for those that linked but we missed)

Some interesting notes:
  • Our Alexa ranking has increased again, to 164,998, from 195,387.
  • We had four interviews, one of which was with blogger Doug Ross.
  • We are very disappointed with Joe.
  • We added "Pundit Picks" on the right-hand column.

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