Tuesday, April 05, 2011

John Boehner Proposes New Stopgap Measure

House Speaker John Boehner, obviously frustrated over Democratic attempts to block substantial spending cuts in last year's budget, has proposed a new one week stopgap measure* to prevent the federal government from shutting down, just in case a deal cannot be reached.

Included in the proposal:
  1. $12 Billion in spending cuts over just one week.
  2. Pentagon fully funded for rest of this fiscal year.
  3. DC would be prohibited from funding abortions.
Speaker Boehner will not allow Democrats to control the narrative; he will pass legislation to fund the federal government and the Democrats will be stuck with the voters anger if it isn't done before Friday.

This should effectively end all talk of Boehner "wimping out" on the budget.

What say you?

* - The third since Republicans took over the House in January.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, why not just let the .GOV shut down?
    We know that what needs to get paid will get paid.

    BUT when all the LSM is bitching about the govt shutdown- the Reps can honestly say----
    if SIX MONTHS ago- Nancy Pelosi would have done her Constitutionally mandated job of passing a BUDGET for 2011- we wouldn't be here now--would we?