Monday, April 25, 2011

Defiant Pakistani Actress Rips Into Mullah Accusing Her of 'Immoral Behavior' on TV Show, Recieves Death Threats

Seems as though any number of mundane activities in present-day Pakistan such as being a moderate politician, being a Christian government official or even being a Christian- can carry with it the inherent risk of being murdered at any moment by radical islamists.

So it was against this backdrop that Pakistani actress Veena Malik returned to Pakistan after an appearance on the Indian version of the Big Brother reality show (called Bigg Boss). Her appearance drew criticism from Islamic clergy who considered her conduct on the show (cuddling with and massaging the shoulders of one of her Indian co-stars) 'immoral behavior'.

As it turns out, Malik would get the chance to defend her actions and confront one of her critics on Pakistan's Frontline TV show. It would not end least for the mullah who attempted to scold and browbeat her like a truant schoolgirl.

MEMRI TV video
Not surprisingly, the Lollywood spitfire has reportedly received death threats against herself and her family from a lesser-known islamist group that calls itself Tehreek-e-Taliban last month.

Malik was no stranger to controversy prior to her Bigg Boss appearance. In September 2010, she testified against her ex husband before cricket's international governing body. Mohammed Asif, a popular player on Pakistan's national cricket team, was implicated in a match fixing scandal at the time. There were anonymous threats directed at her family in Lahore that same month.

Malik has since returned to India as a co-host for the cricket-themed reality show called Big Toss which was set to coincide with the recently-concluded 2011 Cricket World Cup.


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    1. Even in the problem that she faces, you look at her beauty rather than her problem. Is that how beauty works? It ignores the problem and distracts some?