Friday, April 08, 2011

Act Blue Starts WI Supreme Court Recount Fund

Isn't it interesting that, from April 5 to April 6, Democrats and liberals were screaming that there was no fraud in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race?  This despite evidence of vote shredding and Democrats getting high school kids to counts votes.

Disgraced "film" maker Michael Moore even declared:
But then, that wasn't true.  In fact, because of a clerical error committed in Waukesha, Prosser had lost thousands of votes.  When it was found and rightfully corrected, that's when the Left started to scream.  Did they scream when Prosser was under-counted?  No.  Did they stop screaming when a Waukesha Democrat confirmed the vote mix up?  Of course not.  Did they want a recount when Kloppenburg "won?"  I think you know the answer.

But now, however, everything is different.  Everything was wrong from the start, they scream.  Fraud!  Tea Party!  Halliburton!  Bush's fault!  And now the liberal fund-raising website Act Blue is starting a recount effort and is raising money to that affect.

On their site they have a description of why they need your money.  Here it is in its entirety:
It’s clear that Republicans will stop at almost nothing to keep Scott Walker's ally — David Prosser — on the Supreme Court. 
Prosser’s campaign itself said that Prosser wanted to be a “complement” to Walker and his radical agenda. And on the eve of the election, Walker’s chief legal counsel himself admitted in an email to supporters that Prosser is their last line of defense for Walker’s agenda. 
Hundreds of votes separate JoAnne Kloppenburg from David Prosser out of more than a million cast, making the Supreme Court race the closest statewide race in modern Wisconsin History. 
If you believe Supreme Court justices should be independent, and not “complements” for Scott Walker, I hope you will support our recount efforts and ensure that Republicans don’t steal the Supreme Court election.
How non-partisan.  How forward-thinking.  What a load of crap.
Kloppenburg, who declared victory Tuesday night
But hey, this might work in Republicans' favor:  if a recount happens, Democrats will see that they lost fair and square.  Not like evidence ever shut them up before, though (2000 anybody)?

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  1. How interesting. "Disgraced" film-maker Michael Moore?

    How exactly was he "disgraced"?

    Even more interesting. A clerk who keeps vote tallies on her "personal" laptop. Who somehow forgot to count the votes from the most Republican city in Wisconsin.

    Things that make you go "Hmmm."