Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WH Releases 'Readout' of Obama Meeting with Security Team on Libya: Two Whole Paragraphs

The world can rest easy now, President Obama has met with his National Security Team.  They met about what to do with Libya and, golly, they got so far ahead and did so much that the "readout" they released was three whole sentences, made into two paragraphs.

And, man, just here the concrete steps that they decided upon.  Here is the entire release, unedited:
At today’s meeting, the President and his national security team reviewed the situation in Libya and options to increase pressure on Gaddafi. In particular, the conversation focused on efforts at the United Nations and potential UN Security Council actions, as well as ongoing consultations with Arab and European partners. 
The President instructed his team to continue to fully engage in the discussions at the United Nations, NATO and with partners and organizations in the region.
Holy moly, "fully engage in...discussions!"  Why, that will certainly stop a blood-thirsty dictator who promised to make his country's streets flow with blood.  Hopefully he gets the memo!
President Obama
All joking aside, how can the White House possibly be serious with such things.  Hundreds are dead, a region teeters on civil war, and oil prices are skyrocketing.  And they're going to talk about it?  Again?  After over a month of talking?  And doing nothing?

I mean, if this administration is going to do nothing, just come out and say that you are going to do nothing.  At least be honest.  Stop all the pointless talking that never seems to get anything done.

Lead or follow.  Don't just walk in circles.

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