Thursday, March 03, 2011

Time is on Scott Walker's Side.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has one thing on his side that the fourteen Democrat State Senators don't: time.

The short term budget deficit can be dealt with by laying off as many as 1,500 state workers and the entire situation can be resolved by passing legislation to weaken public sector collective bargaining power separately from the quorum required budget process that has held up Walker's plan for two weeks now.

Walker has options and time; the Democrats have neither.

One of their state Senators is very pregnant and wants to return home; another is broke and will eventually need to retrieve some cash and all fourteen of them are facing a daily $100 fine that's likely to cost them hundreds-to-thousands of dollars if they don't return home soon.

Each Senator will lose 1% of their salary per week if they don't return home.

Just as the 2003 edition of Democrat State Senators fleeing ended victoriously for Texas Republicans, so will this for Wisconsin's Republicans. Citizens don't respect those who abandon their responsibilities, regardless of political party, and labor union threats will only be able to separate fourteen individuals from their families for so long.

All Governor Walker has to do is remain uncompromising, promise goodwill to the 14 State Senators who seem worried about how they will be treated by their counterparts in session once they do return, and continue to educate the public on what his budget really seeks to do for their state.

Oh, and remember that time is on his side during this political showdown.

Stay strong Governor Walker.

What say you?


  1. While the Main Stream Media tries to give the "Fleebaggers" cover, the longer they stay away the worse public perceptions of the MSM and other supporters gets. So if I was a Republican operator I'd do everything I could to strand the those Democrat state senators out of state while the state legislature slowly give them the death of a thousand cuts.

  2. Very true, but I'm sure Wisconsin's Governor and GOP lawmakers just wan't to get to work....

  3. if I didn't show up for work for over two weeks-

    1- My boss wouldn't be asking what he could do to get me back

    2- I "KNOW" that I wouldn't br dockrd $100/day because i wouldn't have apatcheck to dock.

    I mean, seriously- the Fleabagging 14 are STILL getting paid?