Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Scott Brown: Let's Change Taxachusetts

Senator Scott Brown has an excellent piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, calling for a change of course in Massachusetts. The liberal bastion has seen declining economic growth-- and although not as bad as the midwestern states-- may see a difficult recovery.
 In Brown's piece, he calls for 'hope and change:'

Small business owners are also worried about over-regulation. The fishing industry in Massachusetts should be thriving and creating jobs for coastal families. Instead, about 60 percent of our fishing boats are idle, due to the Commerce Department’s draconian regulations that are strangling the fishing industry with a catch-share policy that isn’t based on sound science. In your State of the Union address, you called for a review of all federal rules and regulations. But we need actions and soon. I have introduced a bill to reform these restrictions and breathe life into these communities, which I hope you will support.

Nice. But I don't think that the Kennedys and Kerrys of the state will listen.

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  1. Alas Scott Brown is just a lonely beacon in that state. The majority will happily invite the Federal Government to regulate them to death. (For their own good of course.)

  2. brown doesn't have a snowballs chance to win re-election and the only noises we hear from him are to begin his campaign to hang onto the senate seat, from the worst run state in the whole world. too many democrats spoil the state and massachusetts is typical of a democratcy run wild. there has to be a total recall of every elected politican at the state level. TOO MANY DEMOCRATS!!!!