Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scott Brown Leading in Early Polling

 Republican Scott Brown shocked the political world early last year with his victory over Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley. Brown is still well-regarded in the heavily blue state but his re-election prospects appeared to be in some doubt. Brown is still one of the only major Republican officials in the state.

Now it appears that Brown's chances of a full term are increasing. The Democratic Party appears to have no first-line candidates to challenge him, and he carries the power of incumbency. Not only that, but most voters appear to have accepted a Republican Senator from Massachusetts.

A poll was recently conducted by Western New England College to see Brown's potential electability for next year. The early results look good.

The first question pits him against current Representative Mike Capuano:

Brown (R): 51%
Capuano (D): 38%
Other/und:  11%

Second places him opposing Elizabeth Warren, an advisor to President Obama:

Brown (R): 51%
Warren (D): 34%
Other/und:   15%

Looks like Brown has the early advantage. Of course, a Presidential race tends to bring out many less-serious voters. These voters tend to overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and could skew the results. Still, so far it's good news for Scott Brown.

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