Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Month in Review

Pundit Press is glad to bring you another month of the coverage you've grown to expect from us. We've had a successful March, with traffic rising to all-time highs. Since the last Month in Review in February we've done very well.
Since March first we've had 160,365 total pageviews. This is a 19% increase over February's figures. We're up to 76 followers, 47 Twitter followers, and 124 subscribers. Make sure to subscribe if you like the site!

We wound up with exactly 300 articles for the month.
  • Thomas led the way with 94 articles, or 31.33% of the total. His top article was Arif Uka Identified as Frankfurt Airport Shooter with 1,397 total views.
  • Aurelius came in second with 91 total pieces, or 30.33% of the total. His top article was Pictures of Japanese Earthquake with 58,492.
  • Unlikely Hospitalist came in with a respectable third, with 48 articles, or 16% of the total. He had 15.3% last month. His top article was They're Baaaack with 3,892 hits.
  • Mr K. entered in at fourth, with 42 articles, or 14%. He had 11.8% of the total last month. His top article was about the tsunami that hit Oregon, with 449 hits.
  • Dr. Lawrence W. White had 8 articles, or 2.66%. 
  • Eric Dondero had 4 pieces, or 1.33%.
  • Dr. Robert Owens also had four articles, or 1.33%.
  • Joe C. came back with 4 whole articles, or 1.33%.
  • Fenway Nation entered into the first MiR with two articles, or .67% of the total.
  • Kaptain Krude had 1 article, or a total of .33%.
Now, to the part you're all waiting for, the top twenty articles of March 2011:

1. Pictures of Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami March 11, 2011 by Aurelius comes in with 58,492 views or 36.5% of the total hits for the month.
2. Live Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Coverage Updates (March 11, 2011) by Aurelius with 7,499 views, or 4.7% of the total.
3. Hawaii Tsunami, March 11, 2011 by Aurelius with 6,838 views. or 4.3% of the total.
4. Obama Libya Speech Scheduled To Accommodate 'Dancing With The Stars' by Aurelius with 6,050 viewsor 3.8%.
5. Arif Uka Facebook Profile Found? by Aurelius with 4,965 viewsor 3.1%.
6. They're Baaaack....... by Unlikely Hospitalist with 3,892 viewsor 2.4%.
7. Lara Logan Video? by Aurelius with 3,378 or 2.1%.
8. Internists Remind Physicians About Universal Ethical Principles by Unlikely Hospitalist with 2,711 or 1.7%.
9. Obama Attempts to Restrict 2nd Amendment without Congressional Approval by Aurelius with 2,665 or 1.7%.
10. Video- Obama Advisor: 'Invade Israel' by Aurelius with 2,381 or 1.5%.
11. Live Video of Hawaii Tsunami by Aurelius with 2,315 or 1.5%.
12. Arif Uka Pictures? by Aurelius with 2,136 or 1.3%.
13. Obama Speech Live (March 11, 2011) by Aurelius with 1,904 or 1.2%.
14. Kucinich: Obama Should be Impeached by Aurelius with 1,533 or 1%.
15. Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Qaddafi Must Die by Aurelius with 1,401 or .9%.
16. Arif Uka Identified as Frankfurt Airport Shooter by Thomas with 1,397 or .9%.
17. Japan Earthquake, March 11, 2011 by Aurelius with 1,336 or .8%
18. Obama Speech on Libya Live March 18, 2011 by Aurelius with 1,298 or .8%
19. Live Bombing Libya Attack Video by Thomas with 1,041 or .65%
20. Deranged Liberals: Walker Must Die by Aurelius with 1,002 or .62% of the total.

We've welcomed Fenway_Nation aboard this month. Fenway runs one of our favorite blogs, Not Another New England Sports Blog.

Next, we want to recognize our Top Writer of the Month. Last month it was Unlikely Hospitalist for his great coverage of the Wisconsin doctor drama. This month, it's Aurelius.

To Those that Linked to Us

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Some interesting notes:
  • Pundit Press' Alexa ranking has grown again, now to 195,387, passing the 200,000 mark for the first time in our history.
  • As said earlier, we added Fenway_Nation to our staff.
  • Joe's article percent went up infinity.
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