Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canada to Elect New Government in May

Millions of Canadian voters will be heading to the voting booth in early May to elect a new government, because their anti-Conservative Parties in Parliament forced, and passed a no-confidence motion last week. However, most analysts agree that it is unlikely that Stephen Harper will be replaced as Prime Minister.

So why is Canada voting again?

Because the Conservative Party of Canada is in contempt of Parliament, even though that judgement was made by political parties that oppose Harper in the first place. Harper's liberal opponents are actually calling his time in office "un-democratic," which is an attempt to label Canada's government a dictatorship of some sort.

So what does this mean for the voters in Canada?
  1. They will be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars that will be spent to hold this election in May. 
  2. They're being used as pawns by the bitter opponents of the Conservative government in order to form their own governing coalition.
  3. This is the perfect opportunity to send the liberal obstructionists a lesson they will never forget: a majority Conservative government.
 I might not be Canadian, but I support Stephen Harper strongly - as does most of America. And this is one election that all Americans should pay attention to.

What say you? 

P.S. - I'm also quite glad that in America we're a Congress, and not a Parliament.

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