Wednesday, March 02, 2011

BREAKING: "Arif Uka" Identified as Frankfurt Airport Shooter

The name of the Frankfurt airport shooter has been released. According to Kosovar officials, Arif Uka is a citizen of the small Balkan nation. It is unclear if he is Christian or Muslim, but his name suggests that he is a Muslim.

Uka was identified by the Kosovar government after German officials would not do so.

"This is a devastating and a tragic event," Rexhepi said. "We are trying to find out was this something that was organized or what was the nature of the attack."

Two people have been killed in the attack and another critically wounded. One of those killed was a member of the US Air Force and the other was the driver. The bus was filled with American military personnel.

A Facebook account belonging to a person of the same name can be found here:

But there are no obvious signs of jihadist tendencies on his Facebook and he looks older-- so it may not be the same Uka.

UPDATE 12:16 EST: Uka has been identified as 21 years old, so the Facebook profile is most likely not his.

UPDATE, 6:07 EST:  According to conflicting reports, the gunman in question could be named "Arid" and not "Arif."

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  1. when u r shiting around shit happens

  2. Kosovo. Independent terroristic country. Shame of Europe!

  3. Kosovars and Albanians are VERY pro-American. They're not terrorists. When al Qaeda came to "help" them in the 1990s Albanians kicked them out.

  4. Anyway. Terrorist nations.

  5. wrong profile guys...that one is not 21 years old... this could be him
    the gold chain around his neck is the Albanian coat of arms two headed eagle...

  6. ooups...guess I should have read the updates before posting the above comment...sorry :)

  7. Why won’t the German media just admit that he is Albanian? If he were Serbian they wouldn't hesitate for a minute!

  8. you don't know what you are saying lol
    we Albanians are no terrorists, we live peacefully
    (Christians&Muslims) together, if you don't know
    anything about albanian (Kosovo) don't put comments

  9. Kosova is beautiful country, and respectful population, you people don't care that he is a Kosovo-Albanian, but you just like to hear (a muslim did this) People are wearing a mask like the media, the government .. don't believe everything
    Islam is a beautiful believe also mine and if you spread hate to islam, normally it will come back to you. I'm not saying what he did is good, but as usually they criticize only the muslims people. Remember what goes around comes around..