Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Arif Uka Facebook Profile Found?

Update #2:  There are new, conflicting reports between whether the gunman's name was "Arid" or "Arif."  According to AP, the correct spelling is "Arid."  If the gunman was indeed named "Arid," then the person below is not the gunman.

Update #3:  According to officials, a different Facebook account has been found and is purportedly that of the gunman.  The person below is not the gunman.

--Original Article--

Arif Uka has been identified as the 21-year-old man who shot and killed several Americans in Germany today.  Through investigative journalism, Pundit Press now believes that it may have found his Facebook page.

Of course, if this in not him, we apologize, but there are three reasons why this could be his profile.  First, and least convincing, is that the man in his profile picture seems to be about the age of 21. We must stress that almost all of the friends on Facebook for this profile are Albanian names, not German. Uka the shooter lived in Germany.

Second, Uka was identified as Kosovan.  Albania has one of the largest Kosovan populations on earth.  Now look closely at the necklace around Uka's neck:
It is that of the Albanian flag.

Third, Uka's profile says that he is using Facebook in "Shqip."  That is the language of "Albanian," one that many Kosovans speak natively.

It must be noted that Albanians and Kosovars tend to be very pro-American. It is unclear if this man is Uka and if he is Muslim, although it appears so. Radicalization could have happened in Germany, with a large population of Muslim immigrants, and not Kosovo. We cannot paint ethnic Albanians as extremists, especially considering their rejection of al Qaeda and radical Islam in the 1990s-- even as Serbs attempted to wipe out their population in Kosovo.

Update: On Google, a picture of Uka holding an AK-47 can be found:
If you click on the picture (on Google), it goes to the above Uka's page.

In the attack, it was reported that Uka used an AK-47.

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  1. OMG what a bullshit post guys. So he you say Albania has the biggest Kosovan pupulation on earth? What is that for bullsh*t.
    Feel sorry for the soldiers who were killed, and the person who did it should get prison for life. But please do not take your conclusions on simple facebook account. Everybody can make a facebook account with the name Arif Uka, 21 years and living in Germany, and an Albanian flag on it. Just wait the police reports.

  2. This is the most outrageously ignorant post I've ever seen. Are you aware that 95% of Kosovo is populated by Albanians? Albania is the neighboring country, but the borders were not drawn to respect ethnic populations. Albanians are Albanians whether they are in Albania or Kosovo or Macedonia, to wherever. And yes, Albanians speak Albanian (or "Shqip"), believe it or not. Albanians are majority Muslim with a Catholic minority, and are passionately pro-American, since we fought side-by-side with them against the Serbs in the Balkans.

    Christ, you're a top notch investigative journalist, aren't you? You can't even figure out where these countries are, or who lives in them! Whoever wrote this gives us Americans a bad name.

  3. Mr. anonymous I think you forgot about the orthodox christians in Albania, which are probably more numerous then the catholics.

  4. Disgusting! As an Albanian and a Muslim I say hang the fucking guy. He defamed the other 99% of Albanians who are actually on the right side of history. God bless America.

  5. I feel sorry for American citizens who lost their lives in Germany.
    I hereby like to express my condolences to their families, and tell them that we feel very bad for what happened to their sons.
    If this guy is the killer of american soldiers, I suppose he's going to Jail for the rest of his life. I propose to sentence him with death penalty!
    American Soldiers are those who gave their lives for our freedom for people of Kosovo, they liberated us, and they are the nation that have provided security for other nations all over the world, they deserve respect.
    I can't explain how bad i feel for this disgraceful act and must be punished.
    I hope he's not from Kosovo, and if he is may god punish him.