Saturday, February 05, 2011

Terrorists Blow Up Egypt Gas Pipeline

In an action called for by Islamic groups and extremists, an Egyptian gas pipeline was blown up early this morning.  The attack hurts not only the Egyptian economy, but supplies of resources in Israel and the flow of energy in other countries in the region.

This attack is not dissimilar to calls that the Muslim Brotherhood had made to stop all Egyptian supplies to the West.  It is very possible that someone influenced by the Brotherhood, or even a member, carried out the attack.

Reuters continues:

State television quoted an official on Saturday as saying that the "situation is very dangerous and explosions were continuing from one spot to another" along the pipeline. 
"It is a big terrorist operation", a state TV reporter said. 
A security source in North Sinai said "foreign elements" targeted the branch of the pipe that supplies Jordan. 
A security source said the Egyptian army closed the main source of gas supplying the pipeline and were trying to control the fires. Television footage on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya showed a tower of flames at the scene of the blast. 
Israel Radio said, quoting sources in the consortium overseeing imports, the blast did not target supplies to Israel but they had been halted as a precaution.

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