Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Scrubbing has Begun...

Today the state of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, announced that it would begin "looking into accusations that a number of local doctors provided the notes for protesters who missed work during the week...the department will review complaints with the independent Medical Examining Board as soon as possible." This of course comes one day after a spokesman for University of Wisconsin Health said that it too was looking into the matter.

While this peddles slowly along, some of profiles are being scrubbed clean. The profiles of Hannah Keevil and Valerie Gilchrist remain, while Kathy Oriel, James Shropshire, Lou Sannon, Patrick McKenna, and Elizabeth Kvach have all been expunged from the Department of Family Medicine Faculty and Staff Directory page. You can search the UFM Departments Faculty and Staff Directory here.

I find it interesting that those featured on video have now been removed from the faculty and staff page. Is this merely an attempt to cover up and avoid additional embarrassment or is University of Wisconsin Health making attempt to reestablish its reputation by coming down hard on a few as an example to the many? We will know soon enough.

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The Happy Hospitalist adds commentary~
Why would a University system, with union employees no doubt, be doing this? Is it because they have been relieved of their duties? Is it an attempt to suppress information and protect the privacy of these doctors?

I think not. In fact, The Happy Hospitalist has learned the truth about what's going in in Wisconsin. The profiles of these Family Medicine physicians have been expunged from the staff directory page not because they've been fired and released of their duties. In fact, all these policians have been promoted to leadership positions in the newest residency training program to hit the Wisconsin University campus. It's called the Political Medicine Specialty and it's going to revolutionize the way doctors in Wisconsin practice medicine.

That's right folks, Kathy Oriel, MD, PMS former residency director of the Madison Family Medicine program has been promoted to department head of the new Political Medicine Specialty program. As head of the PMS college, she has been given just one directive:

To work closely with government unions to fund new covert methods of helping patients steal time and resources from their government employers.
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  1. Haha. I was born at night, but not last night.

    It's an attempt to prevent the widespread recognition of these doctors by the interested public. I know for a fact that if one of them were my doctor, he or she would now be my ex-doctor. And if I were in a position to regulate their professional status, that process would have started yesterday.

  2. I think it is an attempt to shield them from abusive feedback from irate taxpayers (and fellow physicians).

  3. Anybody have screen caps?

  4. A letter from UW's Dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health

    In view of extensive media coverage of physicians reportedly writing medical excuses for state workers, we want to share with you the following statement released to the media this morning.

    Statement from Dean Robert Golden, MD, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
    Feb. 23, 2011

    The faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health appreciate and share the many concerns raised regarding the reports of ‘medical excuse’ notes provided by doctors to protestors at the Capitol on Saturday, February 19. Apparently the group of doctors included a small number of UW physicians who were acting completely on their own, without the knowledge or approval of the School.

    The School has launched a formal investigation of the UW physicians involved to determine if work rules and/or professional ethics have been violated, to recommend institutional responses to any such violations, and to recommend potential processes to prevent the recurrence of any similar violations in the future. I have directed the investigation committee to complete their work and report back to me their findings and recommendations as soon as possible. As always, we will follow the established personnel policies of the University of Wisconsin.

    We are very concerned that some recent reports have incorrectly linked to these activities in question a few UW physicians whom we know were not involved. Among the physicians wrongly accused are Dr. Anne Eglash and Dr. Valerie Gilchrist, chair of the Department of Family Medicine. Neither Dr. Eglash nor Dr. Gilchrist was involved in any way with these activities. Neither was present at the Capitol during the time frame of these events. We urge blogs and social network sites which have incorrectly linked these physicians to these activities to take responsible action.

    Of greatest concern are the threats of violence that have been received by at least one of the physicians allegedly involved in the ‘excuse note’ writing. Threats of violence are never appropriate, are always taken very seriously, and will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

    We are fully committed to investigating thoroughly these allegations, and we will take appropriate action based on our findings. We urge the public to support due process and to join us in condemning any violent responses to this situation.

  5. Anon, I would appreciate it if you would share a link to the reference letter so that I may make the corrections...

  6. The story above has a name wrong. It is Lou Sanner not Lou Sannon. I went to his UW profile page a few days ago to get his email address. Of course that page is empty (but still exists as a valid http address). This is the skinny, smug older guy that got in the Fox reporters face for interfering in the dr/patient relationship. His email is lou.sanner@fammed.wisc.edu and his profile page is http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/directory/105

  7. You can google their names individually and go to the cached page to see the 'before' and 'after'. They have all been removed.

    Here is the biggest question.....did they write sick notes for each other for their skipping a day of work? Should be interesting to see if the fraud they pulled for the teachers, they also pulled for themselves.

  8. It was a weekend. FP's don't work on weekends, usually!

  9. wonder what the Five Year Plan is at UW?

  10. Perhaps they did it so right-wing vigilantes don't threaten them w/violence because that is something that right-wing vigilantes clearly get off on. Some of those doctors work hard taking care of thousands of people, many of them ignorant conservatives like yourselves. I know one who works a minimum of 12 hours/day and many, many weekends. If any of you live in or near Madison, that doc has no doubt helped some of your family members, perhaps saved their lives.
    You guys need to go home and take off your hoods.