Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reports: Gaddafi Has Left Libya, Fled for Venezuela

Update #5 (2/23):  The Daily Mail and various sources were apparently mistaken, as Gaddafi, speaking from an apparently underground bunker, said that he was still in Libya.  He also promised that he would "Die a martyr."

Update #4:  The Daily Mail confirms:  Gaddafi has left Libya.

Update: In a news conference, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi tried to explain away the protests as a "plot against Libya" and "people on narcotics."  He also stated that Libya falling would be "one thousand" times worse than Egypt falling.  He also stated that "tomorrow" Libyans would create the Libya "we all dreamed of."  If not, he continued, everyone "will pay."

Update #2:  Iran's Press TV is now reporting that Gaddafi has left Libya according to their sources.

Update #3: is now reporting that Gaddafi has fled for Venezuela.

In reports that are as of now unconfirmed, it is being reported that Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi has left Libya.  This could possibly mark an end to Gaddafi's regime, which has ruled the coutry with an iron fist for over four decades.

Protests have reached the capital of Tripoli, while various news sources are reporting that the government is "faltering."  Even worse for Gaddafi, protesters now hold several cities; not streets or squares, but entire cities.

The German news site is now reporting that opposition groups in Libya are now saying that "Muammar Al-Gaddafi had to leave the country for Brazil or Venezuela."  Al Jazeera refused to take on the issue straight on, but their reports suggested that Gaddafi is no longer in his country.

Doha, a news site linked with Al Jazeera, is reporting that Gaddafi has in fact fled the country.

Possibly telling, the state news agency of Libya, Jana, is now stating that Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam would "soon" hold a television press conference.  Why Gaddafi's son would be making a news address instead of his father could indicate that the dictator is no longer in the country.
Gaddafi and Venezuelan autocratic President Hugo Chavez are good friends, which makes it extremely like that if Gaddafi has indeed fled that he would be heading to Venezuela.  Both Chavez and Gaddafi share man ideologies and a hate for the United States.

The protests in Libya have exploded since Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down slightly over a week ago.

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  1. He just has not been the same since they canceled Win, Lose, or Draw.

    Explanation Here

  2. Wishing him best of luck with the move and new career opportunities.

  3. Why doesn't anyone just shoot down the plane he's on? It's still up in the air.

  4. Interestingly enough, but there are all indications that if Saddam Hussein survived in power till 2011, then he would most likely have been hanged NOW by his own citizens, US would have saved billions of bucks spent for the war and "reconstruction" of Iraq, while a million or two Iraqis would be still alive and happy now! That how costly is to accelerate the natural development!

  5. Gadafi promised to give me £1/2 billion - loose change for him - so he could not have left Libya before transferring this money to my account.
    Hence he is still holed out in underground Bengazi.

  6. Gadafi will not leave Libya without taking all his stack of gold.With this weight the plane will soon crash or never take off. He will need camels - a caravan. So he is still in Libya.

    Ali K

  7. Rubico,
    Whether you want to believe it or not, none of this would have happened if the Muslim world did not see free voting and demonstrations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. It was proved right that democracy is for all peoples, not just the West.

  8. To Thomas Ferdousi, Please provide place and dates of "free voting" in Iraq or Afghanistan. The elections in these countries have been marked by corruption, fraud, and have taken place in the context of foreign ocuupation. Get real, man.

    David Brookbank

  9. Hopefully the faith of Moussa Sader can now be revealed!

  10. I saw Mr Gaddafi chatting with Barry Costello-Monelle-Delmonte in a fish and chip shop in Blackpool today. He did NOT look happy.

  11. David,
    The four elections of Iraq were big news as were the 2002 elections in Afghanistan. Even the partially-rigged Afghan elections in 2009 were better than anything that would have existed under the Taliban.

    If you didn't catch them when they happened, nothing I can cite will change your mind.

  12. Hello all!
    When do you think Dictator Meles Zenawi of ethiopia will be removed from his power he has for 20 years. Since coming to power in 1991, the Ethiopian security forces of Meles Zenawi have been committing systematic and widespread abuses, including massacre, extrajudicial executions, rape, torture and forced exile of ordinary people, students, journalists, artists, etc. He is the worst dictator in Africa!