Thursday, February 17, 2011

Repeated Calls for Civility Falls on Deaf Ears

Civility? Screw civility! All those things we heard about the TEA Party is seen in this lefty conglomeration, but media is unexpectedly silent on the hyper-inflated rhetoric witnessed in Madison.

As I recall, shortly after the attempted assassination of Gabriel Giffords, Sarah Palin was immediately blamed. Well.....humor me as I try to connect these dots. Unions spent more than $40 billion electing Barack Obama to the Presidency. Today, President Obama steps out to voice strong support for the Wisconsin Public Employees Union.

Organizing for America, a functional remnant of Obama's 2008 campaign steps up to play an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The protests go on to reveal thuggish tactics, bussing in protesters (astroturfing), and Hitler comparisons. Furthermore, they use students as political pawns, block entrance to state buildings and litter. There I said it, littering. Obviously, Obama is responsible for any untoward actions that may take place. I would expect a President to be presidential, but suspect that our President is feeling quite at home getting his havds back into the community organizing business.

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