Friday, February 18, 2011

Rebels Take Libyan City

According to scattered reports from Libyan exiles, protesters have taken control of one of Libya’s cities. The sources say that the city of Bayda has been seized after  police joined the demonstrators.
“Al Bayda is in the hands of the people,” Giumma el-Omami of the Libyan Human Rights Solidarity group told Reuters in Geneva.
“The city is out of the control of the (Muammar) Gaddafi regime,” said Fathi al-Warfali of the Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice.
Reuters is quick to report that this cannot be independently verified. The UK’s Daily Telegraph has a quick blurb from an opposition force stating that the government is attempting to retake the city and that pro-Kadafy militias are massing on its outskirts.
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