Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pelosi: Not Using ObamaCare to Fund Abortions is "Egregious"

We all know that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is not the smartest person: she helped Democrats to the largest defeat they've suffered in decades, she blamed Bush for the Democrats losing the House, and stated that the U.S. government "saved $26.8 billion by spending $82 billion."

Therefore, it should come at no surprise that Pelosi would be dead-set against a Republican bill in Congress that would try to save thousands of babies' lives.  HR 358 prohibits women who want abortions from getting it paid for by ObamaCare.  It makes sense: deciding to have unnecessary or elective surgery should not be funded.

Insurance works the same way.  Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are not covered because they are by choice, similar to abortion.  While I believe abortion is inherently wrong and that it should not be allowed, even liberals should understand that elective surgery should not be covered for free.

Well, logic is simply not Nancy Pelosi's strong suit.  The disgraced Democrat leader went so far as to call HR 358 "egregious," and goes as far as calling it "unconstitutional."

Take a gander at her raving on Twitter:
Obviously, constitutionality is also not Ms. Pelosi's strong suit either.  The bill does not outlaw abortions, it simply states that ObamaCare (which was recently declared unconstitutional itself) should not fund abortions.  In other words, women can still have them, just not on the taxpayer's dime.

However, I am sure if you said this to Pelosi, you would be met with a vacant stare. You would wonder if she simply did not understand you or if the botox makes it impossible to look concerned.

But hey, this is from the woman who touted Democrats' ability to create jobs:

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