Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovesick Muslim Terrorist falls for American college girl, plots to kill Bush

His name is Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari. He is a student from Saudi Arabia studying chemical engineering at South Plains college in West Texas (near Lubbock.) Aldawsari was just arrested suspected of plotting to blow up George W. Bush's home in Dallas, nuclear power plants, and dams around the US. The very latest info released by the FBI suggest he was even scoping out possible targets in New York City.

Aldawsari had a blog. The New York Times confirmed that From Far Away was his personal blog. He wrote posts both in English and Arabic. One post in particular from March of 2009 talked of a girl he had fallen in love with.

See "Sarah Rice Stender; the object of affections of a lovesick Jihadi Terrorist" at Libertarian Republican.
I met my language partner Sarah Rice Stender and she was nice and pretty, so I like her so much. Me and my friend Adbullrahman Alhamdi were with her today for out first meeting with her and she asked us to discuss about a topic, yet she likes to talk about religioun so we did. I think she has a good point about Islam and she is knowing better about this great faith and religioun.

I am reading this day a lot of my prophet mohammed ( peace be to upon him ) to build my knowledge about my religioun and about him...

I am falling in love of her.....

She is goregeous that I cann't forget her just right away...

I am asking Allah the great to covert her to Islam and marry me.
It has since been learned that Stender attended Vanderbilt University. And a Tennessee TV station out of Nashville, just hours ago, confirmed that Aldawsari too was a student there for a while studying English.

Did Stender possibly score Aldawsari? Was that the genesis of his angst? Posts by Aldawsari before that time period suggest he liked America and Americans. Soon after, his posts became dark and depressing.

A lovesick Muslim turned Islamic Jihadi?

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