Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Is this Cartoon Racist?

Pundits from the left and right have been trying to make up their minds on the significance of America Online purchasing the Huffington Post. This purchase cost AOL over $300 million and has landed millions for its founder Ariana Huffington.

Politico has run regular political cartoons of middling sophistication-- nothing as good as Michael Ramirez. Still, it provides a graphical change for the site. However, liberals who are quick to attack conservatives should see that the latest cartoon may have crossed a line. The site's leftward tack has become apparent, at least in its cartooning department.

This post is not to agree with any liberal pundits but to show their hypocrisy. The following represents the volunteer work of the bloggers of the Huffington Post as the same as forced servitude that faced hundreds of years of slaves. These writers have agreed to give their time to a site that they believe in and their "plight" of getting publicity and the lack of pay they originally agreed to should not be used for a cheap political cartoon.

This cartoon does more to trivialize the capitalist venture of AOL-- however foolish it is. Instead, it is now framed by the stain of the slave trade. The metaphor is incredibly simplistic and dumb. The vast majority of bloggers either do not earn a wage or learn relatively little from their writings. And this happens all voluntarily and without coercion.

An increasing concern is that Politico has made a shift to the left. Its cartoons are usually doctrinaire liberal-- but this crosses more than one line.

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  1. Whoa. That's a stupid cartoon

  2. No, although in a postmodern sense you could make the case.

  3. Racist? Nah, not at all. More like Rev Moon and his Moonies of yesteryear....