Thursday, February 24, 2011

Global Warming to Cause... Snow in San Francisco

 Central California may be in for a treat today. Thanks to the inconvenient truth of global warming, we're now looking at significantly lower temperatures in the San Francisco Bay-- and even some more inconvenient weather changes.
Snow? We're all going to die!
 Including snow.

Snow? Like it would be a big deal? Except the Bay City hasn't received snowfall in over three decades. But they're likely to get it tonight. This comes as the Northeast has been hammered by snowfall.
Storms bring snow to downtown San Francisco every couple of decades, with the most recent recorded snowfall in 1976, Benjamin said.

Since then, the weather service has received reports of snow mixed with rain “most every year in some key places,” such as Twin Peaks, Benjamin said.
 Wow. Global warming is really messing with the city that contains the most hardcore believers. It's almost ironic.

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  1. You know, I saw the headline about the weather on Memeorandum, and several conservative blogs linked to it. I immediately said to myself, before clicking any of them: "They're all going to say something stupid about this." I was right in every case.

    It's amazing to me how unblinkingly wingnuts will say gaspingly stupid things and then grin as if they've proven something. It's impossible to imagine what kind of information or logic is capable of reaching you, when the most transparent, and infinitely, repeatedly, persistently debunked but deliberately clung-to ignorance is your only apparent mental process.

    It's easy to understand why you're always wrong - bad ideology coupled with lack of knowledge produces sadly predictable results. But I simply can't imagine how you can be so determinedly resistant to improvement. Why, it's almost as if you were defending things you don't believe out of ideological dishonesty.

    But, just to hit the bases again: it's simple really - an average temperature increase across the planet does not imply it will never be cold anywhere again; the fact that it is cold somewhere does not prove the planet is not getting warmer on average; the fact that the planet is getting warmer on average does not imply that every part of it will get warmer uniformly; in fact, the fact that the entire planet is getting warmer on average does imply that parts of it can be much warmer or colder than usual, depending on local conditions, because of the massive disruption to established local weather patterns caused by the global-wide change. This really isn't hard to understand. And insisting it can't be true when the overall warming trend is well-documented (to the point that most deniers now don't bother to deny the overall trend, they just content themselves with saying stupid things about it), and there are in fact numerous local anomalies - like, say, snow for the first time in 35 years in a temperate location, or, say, a persistent trend of all-time record-setting high global average annual temperatures over most of the last decade - that illustrate the hypothesis of local weather disruption through global changes, is an increasingly embarrassing exercise in dishonesty. Against which, I guess, stupidity and ignorance probably look like a face-saving move, but, really, it's time to grow up.