Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Son Turns on Father, Joins with Protesters

Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, the youngest son of Dictator Maummar Gaddafi, has now turned on his father and is siding with protesters.

Ironically, Saif al-Arab was assigned to crack down on protesters by his father.  His turn marks Gaddafi's extreme loss of power and weakness.  Said al-Arab even hinted that his father may flee to Latin America or commit suicide soon.

Recently, other important pieces of Gaddafi's power have switched sides or have simply defected.  Earlier this week, two jet pilots defected (in their planes) to the island nation of Malta after being commanded to "bomb" protesters.
Another one of Gaddafi's son has fled to Venezuela.

Iran's Press TV (warning, possibly biased) has more on Saif al-Arab's flip:
Saif al-Arab, Gaddafi's youngest son, who was sent by his father to cooperate with Libyan security forces in the massive crackdown on pro-democracy protesters joined forces with the demonstrators on Thursday, while hinting that his father would commit suicide or flee to Latin America. 
According to reports, Saif al-Arab had the backing of combat troops and had military equipment that were dispatched to the eastern parts of turmoil-hit Libya. 
As many as 1,000 Libyans have so far been killed by the Gaddafi's forces, reports say.
A total of 130 Libyan soldiers have been executed for refusing to open fire on protesters. 
Pro-democracy demonstrations inspired by the popular revolutions that deposed decades-long rulers in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, have engulfed Libya since Feb 15, with thousands of people taking to the streets of the eastern city of Benghazi and calling for the ouster of the 68-year-old Gaddafi. 

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  1. He's such a western puppet...Look at that dye in his hair. Why go to meso-america, when he could easily go to italy or thereabouts. Come-to-think of it that whole area of Eastern Europe to the Middle east has the same mentality.