Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enlarge the House of Representatives? No dice.

David Freddoso's "What Congress would look like with 100 additional seats" op-ed caused quite the response last week in new media outposts. Some individuals have written articles in support of enlarging the House of Representatives, while others have written articles analyzing what 100 more Representatives would mean politically.

What about financially? America already pays our 435 Representatives a combined salary of $75 million per year, and our Representatives staffs a combined salary of $435 million per year - not including untold amounts of money on district offices, supplies, and the occasional travel junket. I don't believe just one House of Congress should cost taxpayers over $500 million per year.

The estimated cost of 100 new Representatives, and staff, in salary alone is over $117 million for just one calender year. With the national debt nearing $14 trillion and the national deficit over $2 trillion - absolutely no-one can justify increasing the size of our drunken sailor legislature for any reason, especially not in the ridiculous notion of "better representation" for Americans.

What say you?

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