Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Despite Threats, Gaddafi Loses More Cities to Protesters

Nut-job and Dictator Maummar Gaddafi is losing more cities, despite his tirade yesterday promising severe punishment for protesters.  Al Jazeera (though biased) has the story:

Some short excerpts from Gaddafi's speech yesterday:

"When they are caught, they will beg for mercy and we will not be merciful."
"It's not a joke, I will do whatever it takes."
"It's impossible for our youth to be controlled by anyone else.  Will they be controlled by someone with a beard?  Impossible!"
"Don't destroy your country for no reason!  What's come over you?!"
"Are you gangsters?  It's impossible!"

And here are several pictures from his speech yesterday.  Pointing angrily:
Reading a book:
Smelling his glasses (I am not kidding):
Drinking a glass of water:

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  1. They might be observing the same set of rules: The Green Book.

  2. Haha that is great, thank you for the Upload
    Long live Gaddafi