Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Kos, Using Gun Imagery: Tea Party "Behind," Wisconsin Protests "Amazing"

Remember when liberal morons tried to blame Sarah Palin for the horrific shooting in Arizona, claiming that because she once mentioned a gun that she may have well shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords herself?  Well, the Daily Kos, well-known for skewing stories and pushing lies, not only does not care that they are hypocrites, but they are pushing their agenda at the same time.

In a mass-forwarded email, Daily Kos is desperately trying to praise the union strikes in Wisconsin while at the same time putting down the Tea Party.  According to the email, progressives have shot the "opening salvo," and the Tea Party "is reacting to, and several steps behind, [their] activism."

Oh my, gun imagery!  Clearly Daily Kos is responsible for countless deaths and random nut-jobs.

The email further pleads with Kos readers to donate to the cause, because we all know that politicians and unions need more money.  Here is the email in its entirety, with the username removed to protect anonymity (click for much better quality):
And hey, if Kos is sending out this email to so many sheeple, why not add some lies too, right?  For example, one line states:
So, in response to a Republican attempt to pass a bill making public sector unions virtually illegal, all 14 Democrats simply left the state.
You see the word "virtually" in that sentence?  Well, that was added because the bill does not make unions illegal.  Such a claim is a big, fat lie.  But Kos believes that adding the word will absolve him from his lie.  Nope, sorry, still a big, fat lie.

Sigh.  When will liberals learn?

Also, who the hell are the Koch brothers?

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