Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicago Elects New Mayor Today.

The citizens of Chicago are electing a new Mayor this afternoon. However, all six candidates are liberal Democrats and Rahm Emanuel, who served as Chief-of-Staff in President Barack Obama's White House is almost guaranteed to win in the City that elected Mayor Richard Daley six times over two decades.

In fact, the real decision is when Emanuel will win - today, or in April - because he'll win today if he receives a pure majority of the vote (50% plus one), and he will win in April since his closest opponent would be behind by twenty points to begin with.

Talk about a real competitive election!

Pundit Press does not have a favored candidate in today's Mayoral election, but we would really like to see at least one Republican Alderman elected - especially since the only Republican City Council member* is not runnng for reelection.

What say you?

* -Brian Doherty is retiring after twenty years on the Council.

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