Thursday, January 06, 2011

Vote to Repeal ObamaCare Next Wednesday

 Congressional Republicans are preparing for the battle in the legislature that could set the tone for the next two years. The 112th Congress is considering a bill that would totally repeal the ObamaCare provisions signed into law last year. Most of the items in the bill will not come into effect until 2014. The vote is expected on Wednesday, January 12.

“Most Americans don’t like the health care bill,” Cantor explained on CBS. “They know that there’s a better way. And we have committed to the people that have elected us to begin to work together across partisan lines to try and effect change that will actually improve the lives and deliver results for more Americans.”

The repeal bill is not expected to pass but has a fair chance of placing attention back to the new entitlement boondoggle created by the Obama Administration last year.

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