Sunday, January 02, 2011

Vote in Our Poll: What Will Happen to ObamaCare by 2012?

With the ObamaCare debates warming up again, it appears that there will be rampant battles over whether to repeal the monstrosity passed last year. Of course the Democrats and President Obama won't take this laying down, but it would appear that Congressional Republicans may push for a full repeal this year.

So with this being a near certainty, how far do you believe they will get by this time in 2012? Of course, it will be a very big issue and will serve as an important backdrop in the 2012 races. If you see something else happening, please just comment below.

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  1. It will still be around in some way shape or form, but the republican held congress will find ways to neuter or de-fund key provisions between now and 2012.

  2. The house will defund most of it. The Supreme Court will reject the individual provision as unconstitutional. Since the bill doesn't have a clause allowing a single provision not to cancel the whole, it will be null and void.

  3. They will throw it out with everything else signed by the usurper.