Friday, January 28, 2011

Vote in Our Poll: Is Obama Moving to the Center?

For the entirety of his Administration, President Obama has been seen as a liberal Commander-in-Chief.  However, with a crushing defeat in last November's mid-term elections, several news organizations are now saying that the President is moving away from left-wing politics and towards the political center.

Concerning his State of the Union address, Reuters reported that "U.S. President Barack Obama moved swiftly toward the political center on Tuesday with a State of the Union address that reached out to both parties and lacked major policy proposals."  ABC stated that Obama had not only moved towards the center, but was already being criticized for it.  Their seemly self-contradictory headline read: "Obama Criticized for Moving Toward Center After Signing Executive Order to Regulate Business."

The Main Stream Media aside, what do you believe?  Is President Obama moving away from liberal politics and towards the center, is he staying right were he is, or could he possibly be getting more liberal?  Vote below:

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  1. He's moving to the top of the list as the worst President of all time (and yes, he's STILL FAR LEFT).

  2. No he is trying to look like he is but he is just as bad, our President Obama, seems to be trying to destroy the USA! Vote him out in 2012. If you want to live in a free society vote republican on everything!

  3. He wants another 4 more years to finish destroying america and will do what ever it takes,lie,cheat basically a liberal.