Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ted Williams Video Removed Due to Copyright Claim by Zeiger and Tigges (Apparently Lawyers)

The video that made the formerly homeless man Ted Williams famous is no longer available on YouTube because of an apparent copyright claim by lawyers in Ohio called "Zeiger and Tigges."  Here is their website.  It is unknown whether this is because Mr. Williams requested it be taken down, or for another, unknown reason.

Here is the video.  If you click on it, you will get a "copyright claim" warning:

Update (1/7/11): The copyright claim is now by "The Dispatch," a newspaper apparently situated in Ohio.  It seems odd to me that they'd want the video taken down considering the exposer and good press they're getting from it, but hey, their choice I guess.

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  1. Most likely money-grubbing lawyers who don't know dick about the power of social media.

    This was the STUPIDEST thing they could have done for the man, Ted Williams.

  2. Here you can read about it, the crappy local newspaper that initially posted the vid on its crappy website waked up to make some $$$ from the poor man.

  3. I just called the law-firm listed on YOutube. They said that it was copyright but that it could be found on She said that it had been put on youtube without permission. So now the COlumbus Dispatch has evidently hired them to take it down. Don't they realize that it would not have become the sensation that it has if it would have only been available on their website. Let the Dispatch know what you think 614-461-5000

  4. With that kind of business sense, is it any wonder why the newspaper industry is doomed?

  5. Well, I'd just read something from the internet say that the video wasn't made by Ritchey it self, but he got it from Colombus Dispatch site, so who claim a copyright is Colombus Dispatch.