Monday, January 31, 2011

Report: Mubarak Planning to Step Down

NPR is reporting that Egyptian dictator is preparing to step down and cede power to a provisional government led by his allies in the military. This comes from an American scholar who is “in regular touch” with elites in the Egyptian government and military. It appears that these changes will attempt to bring in the opposition leaders and the protesters in the streets.

Suleiman and Mubarak
The two-part plan, according to Cohen, would involve the immediate removal of 100 members of the Egyptian Parliament whose election this past fall was seen as illegitimate. They would be replaced by 100 candidates who were barred from running in the election or who were defeated because of government meddling in the election process.
A second possible step would be the organization of new parliamentary and presidential elections. The plan, according to Cohen, “requires [Mubarak] to give up his office.” Asked whether Mubarak would do that, Cohen answered, “He is getting ready to do so.”
I’m not sure how accurate this report is. Of course, this is likely to happen, but I believe that the report would come from a more senior source than an academic.

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