Monday, January 31, 2011

Biggest Egypt Protests Planned for Tomorrow

Opposition leaders in Egypt have announced that it planned to hold its largest protests yet. This comes as the Mubarak regime returned police forces to the cities, albeit with less alleged violence occuring. This also comes at a time of widespread lawlessness even with the army and police both on the streets.
Protesters have been called upon to march in the “millions,” which is not out of the realm of possibility for this nation of 80 million.
But opposition groups say personnel changes will not placate them and have said they will continue until the president steps down.
“The whole regime must come down,” Hassan, a construction worker and protester told the Reuters news agency.
“We do not want anyone from Mubarak’s retinue in the new government, which the people will choose. We want a civil government run by the people themselves.”
Stay tuned tomorrow. I’d suggest right here on World Threats or on al Jazeera.
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