Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama Speech on Egypt (January 28, 2011)

President Barack Obama is speaking about the situation in Egypt. He reportedly spoke to Egyptian dictator for 3o minutes today.

Obama says that the White House is monitoring the situation. His first concern is preventing "injury or loss of life." He called on Egyptian forces from refraining from using too much force. He reaffirmed Egypt's basic human rights.

Obama also called upon the Egyptian government to change their policy towards the internet and put it back on. He said that those speaking on the street "have the responsibility" to be peaceful. He said that violence will not solve their problems.

Full coverage at World Threats.

Obama said that Egypt is a close ally but that there must be reform. "In the absence of these reforms, grievences have built up over time." He said that Mubarak has a responsibility to live up to his promises of better economy and more freedoms. "What's needed right now are concrete steps" that enables more freedom for the people of Egypt.

"The future of Egypt will be decided by the Egyptian people." Obama said that they wanted a government worthy of its history. Obama said that he will be willing to "work with" the government of Egypt, along with the population of that country.

He referenced his Cairo speech, saying that governments "must maintain power by consent, not coercion." Obama reiterated that he would work with the government of Egypt.

He refused to take any questions.

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  1. He said that violence will not solve their problems.

    Like it didn't end the problem of English rule.
    Or that problem of slavery.
    Or keeping the western world free--twice.
    or WMDs in Iraq.

    Farking Dumb@ss.
    Dude, they're moslems living in a 7th century mindset.

  2. allah akbar allah akbar